8ta Contract Options Reviewed

8ta is the newest mobile service provider in South Africa. However, owing to the structure and pedigree of the company that operates 8ta, it has enjoyed a lot of success in recent years. 8ta, which is owned by Telkom Group Limited, was launched in 2010.

Telkom is an African giant that has operations in more than 38 countries on the continent. The company’s structure is partly public and partly private, with the state owning around 39 percent of its equity. In South Africa, Telkom is one of the oldest telecommunications services providers.

8ta uses a combination of 2G and 3G network system which has many benefits for both the company and its users. The result of various benefits is that 8ta contracts are highly affordable in terms of both call rates and rentals.

Furthermore, amongst the various telecommunications services providers in the country, 8ta has the distinction of providing the most affordable wireless broadband services. There are mainly two types of contracts that you can avail from 8ta. However, within these two categories there are numerous possible options.

The first type of contracts that 8ta offers is the Smart Series which is designed for the standard user while the second type is the Saver Series which is most suitable for people who want to save money. In addition to this, there is also a high end contract that would suit the high rollers. Consider the following contract options that 8ta offers.

1. The Smart Series:

There are ten different types of contracts that you can get from 8ta in this series. The Smart Series starts with the simply titled Smart Contract 1 and goes through to Smart Contract 10 S, with some exceptions.

For instance, there are certain contracts that are available in two formats i.e. the per minute format and the per second format. This amounts to greater flexibility for the end user i.e. you with regard to your phone usage. Furthermore, each of the plans in this series is available with or without the handsets being offered.
2. The Saver Series:

The Saver Series has been categorically designed to allow users greater control over their mobile usage. These plans, hence, provide the customers with a handset and a monthly allocation of airtime for a period of 24 months.

This airtime can be used by the user across various types of services such as calling, internet, and messaging. Within the Saver Series, you will find seven different options with each corresponding to a number such as Saver 1, Saver 2, and so on.
3. Unlimited Voice Contract:

The Unlimited Voice Contract that 8ta offers is the first in South Africa of its kind. This type of contract allows its user unlimited use of the phone to any network and any landline at any time.

This contract is only priced at R1 599 per month, and can be ideal for those individuals who foresee heavy usage of their phones.

8ta’s multiple cell phone contracts are capable of catering to all types of customers ranging from the financially concerned individual to the individual who uses his phones heavily at all times.

Despite the fact that 8ta is a new mobile services provider in the country it still has the backing of Telkom, which, in itself, is a well known name in the country.