Cell C Contract Options Reviewed

Cell C is, without a doubt, one of the cheapest GSM network providers within South Africa. In fact, the company’s business model is based on acquiring a large market share, with each customer paying less as opposed to having a small market share with individual customers paying more.

In recent times, Cell C has strengthened its position in the South African market by introducing flat call rates at an all time low of 99 cents per minute. At the same time, Cell C also offers the lowest data rate to its customers in South Africa at 0.15 cents per MB of data.

At last count, Cell C had more than 10 million customers in the country. This amounts to around 90 percent of the population coverage of the entire country. The technology being used by Cell C is HSPA+ which is akin to the 4G networks in other countries.

It is a company that is owned by 3C telecommunications, CellSAf and Lanun Securities SA with 60 percent, 25 percent, and 15 percent equity share respectively. It was launched back in 2001.

There are mainly eight different cell phone contracts that Cell C offers to its customers. However, of these, only two types i.e. Red Bull Mobile and 99C Straight Up are currently offered to new customers. The following is some information on the new plans that Cell C offers.

1. The 99c Straight Up Series:

There are six different plans available in the 99c Straight Up Series. The highlight, as mentioned earlier, is that the call rates are flat at 99c per minute with per second increments to any network.

The 99c Straight Up plans range from the extremely basic Straight Up 30 to the most advanced Straight Up 800. The differences between various Straight Up plans are in terms of the included minutes, included messages, and included data.

The numbers correspond to the included number of these services. With the 99c Straight Up Plans, Cell C offers 47 different types of handsets ranging from iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, and LG.
2. The Red Bull Mobile Series:

The Red Bull Mobile Series from Cell C consists of two types of products in the form of the RBM 100 and the RBM 200. The RBM plans are designed to give people access to the Red Bull MOBILE portal with its inherent benefits.

These plans vary on the basis of the included data capacity that they have. The RBM 100 plan has 250 MB of included data while the RBM 200 has 500 MB of included date. The prices for these plans vary from R149 to R249 per month.

While the aforementioned plans are available to all new customers, the older Cell C plans are not. The existing customers of Cell C on other plans still continue on their previous plans. The previously offered plans from Cell C include Casual Chat, Value Chat, All Week, Active Chat, Business Chat, and BlackBerry.

The highlight of Cell C and its contracts is that they all offer the standard calling charge of 99c per minute. This is independent of the type of call being made i.e. the call rate for calling Cell C to Cell C and from Cell C to another network would be 99c per minute.