Cell Phone Contracts For Blacklisted People

With a bad credit history and a blacklisting you will pay far more for everything from insurance to credit cards. But the good news is, there are cell phone contracts for blacklisted people and your credit history need not ruin your life.

Lets face it cell phones are essential for life and it feels unfair being penalized because you have a poor credit history. So here are four handy tips to help while you are blacklisted.

The first tip: Check if you really need a cell phone. If you can wait until you have rebuilt your credit history and get by without one, then that is always the best option. Remember landlines still exist, Skype as well as internet enabled free calling. If you're still convinced you need to be available when on the move however, read the rest of this article.

Pay as you go. This is always great alternative for blacklisted people. You can top up when you have the cash to do so and never find yourself facing unexpected charges when the monthly bill comes. But the bad news is the initial cost of handsets is high. On contract, even state-of-the-art phones are cheap or free, with PAYG, you pay market prices. But shop around and check online sites for special deals.

Explore the internet. Google search to discover a myriad of companies offering good deals. Sites like bidorbuy.co.za and other action and classified sites often have great deals on entry level cellphone contracts which are often open to people with bad credit who are able to get a co signature or proof of collateral.

Pay a deposit. Operators may believe you can meet your commitment if you offer to pay six months upfront. Be honest, too. Mobile carriers want your money. They want to work with you. So do not sit quietly hoping that, for once, the credit check passes you because it wont. Explain your financial circumstances and how you plan to use and pay for the cell. Good companies will bend over backwards to try and accommodate you.

Getting cell phone contracts for blacklisted people is possible but buyer, beware. You are moving on to the next phase of your life and financial responsibility. Do not get sucked back into the habits that destroyed your credit history in the first place.