Cellphone contact – read before you sign

Cellphone contract is the word of the new cellphone generation. To make mobile phone purchasing mutually profitable to the customers as well as themselves, most network providers have drawn up contracts to give mobiles phones for free with pre-designed, post-paid plans that the customers have to use for a particular period (generally 1-3 years) without fail. These offers are attracting people like flowers attract bees. However, before getting tempted to buy a cellphone contract, one must realise that reading the fine print, though may be tiresome, is very important. A new phone can lose its appeal as soon as another new model is launched and once you have signed a contract, you are in it for a long period with no hopes of changing it soon.

What to look for in the fine print of a cellphone contract?

These alluring offers have a lot of hidden charges that one needs to be aware of before getting into the contract which the companies very cleverly include in small fonts and a star mark called “conditions apply”. So what do you need to know about the contract before signing it? Here is quick help list that one needs to be aware of before buying a cellphone contact.

  1. Is your monthly contract cost inclusive of the taxes or exclusive? If the contract is exclusive, your expected bill may increase causing to disrupt your budget. So do check this with the company.
  2. Is the offer appropriate for your usage? Taking an unlimited offer while you actually do not need one might prove to be a negative for your monthly economy. So choose a plan that is more suitable for you like more data, more messaging, night calling, international calling, free minutes etc.
  3. What is the cancellation fee of the contract and does it decrease after a certain time.
  4. What is the trail period.

Apart from these, make sure the network is active in all the areas you are mostly to be like home, office etc.