Cellphone contracts – to get the new shiny phone for less!

Most of us are gadget freaks who love to buy those super sleek, feature loaded mobiles that are priced sky high but cannot. As a convenience to those who cannot buy a featured mobile phone like that, mobile companies have introduced these “cellphone contracts”. These are profitable both to the company and the customer. The company is assured with a customer for the contract period and the customer gets his desired mobile phone without the down-payment of the complete price of the mobile. The customer has to sign a contract wherein he has to use the mobile only with the company’s sim card for a fixed period in post paid plans after which he can port and still continue using the mobile if he likes to. This way, both the company and the customer are happy.

Cellphone contracts are offered by almost all network providers in combination with most of the featured mobile phone brands like blackberry, apple, htc and Samsung etc. While the contracts have their advantages, there are disadvantages too. Once you sign a cellphone contract, there is go going back till the contract period is over without the payment of a fee. So before scribbling on those lengthy and tiresome to read contracts, do know the “*” conditions of the contract like the trail period, the cancellation fee, the offers like call rates, data packs etc.

Trail period, Cancellation fee:

Trail period is the time that is provided initially by the company for the customers to use the mobile and check whether they are satisfied or not within which, if the customer is not satisfied, the contract can be cancelled. During this period, the customers are advised to use the mobile in all the areas possible and check the network signals and mobile phone performance.

Cancellation is levied upon the customers in case of cancellation of the contract before the signed period, so check these terms before buying the cellphone contract.