Initiate Your Cell Phone Contract Online

You are the proud owner of your new handset. Now you just need to start using it. These days, you will need to initiate your cell phone contract online. For those who are not as technologically-adept as we might like or do not read manuals, here is a step by step guide to getting started.

First, unpack everything. You will have a SIM card, the memory storing contacts and personal data. It is portable, so can be used in other phones. Follow the instructions to insert this into the device. Most phones need an initial charging period before you use them. So fit the battery, plug in its charger and leave it for the recommended time. Be patient.

When the mobile telephone device is fully charged, switch on, then find the USB connector cable. Most phones have one, even if they have Bluetooth capability. The USB lead hooks your handset to the computer. Connect the phone end first, then the PC end.

Usually, the computer recognizes there the new device and starts installing automatically. Wait until there is a message saying device drivers successfully installed or your device is ready to use. Sometimes, the contract company's website launches automatically. If not, via the personal computer, connect to the internet and open the browser. Go to the website of the mobile contract company, not the handset manufacturer.

Here you will find instructions to set up your account. There are good reasons for doing this. You can manage bills online, check usage and what your balance is, view recent calls and see recent payments. Managing all the bills online is easier and more environmentally-friendly, working especially well when you are on the move.

You will need the paperwork provided when you bought the cell. This includes the IMEI number: internationally recognized digits that are unique to the cell, making it easy to block if it gets stolen. Then, enter details including name, email and physical address and other contact numbers. This makes it easier for the contract company to get in touch. Then, you set your security details including a password and even a PIN you have to enter to unlock your phone. This stops anyone else using it.

Once you initiate your cell phone contract online, you are all ready to go. Your mobile device can be used safely and securely and the company knows who the phone belongs to. It is time to start exploring all its features, browsing and calling your friends and family.