MTN Contract Options Reviewed

MTN is one of the largest GSM service providers in South Africa. In fact, such is the dominance of this company that it boasts of having around 37 percent of the GSM market share of the country.

The company itself was established back in 1994 after it received its licence for GSM operations by the government of South Africa. While MTN operates in South Africa, it is a part of a much larger commercial entity which is known as the MTN Group.

The MTN Group is one of the biggest multinational telecommunication companies in the world as it spans a large part of the African continent and even some regions in the Middle East. The Group has a presence in 21 different African countries.

MTN tries to market itself as an extremely flexible and convenient GSM network provider. Its much touted three simple steps include picking a phone, picking airtime, and picking extras. There are three different categories of contracts that an individual can avail with MTN. The following is their description.

1. Any Time Contracts:

As the name suggests, Any Time Contracts from MTN are primarily designed for those people who do not have any pattern to the way they use their cell phones. There are eight different types of contracts that fall in the Any Time series of MTN.

These contracts are highly flexible which means that they adapt to the calling patterns of the user. This includes everything from the way the individual makes calls to the way he sends SMSs. These contracts consist of simple rates for calling any number and even free SMS bundles.
2. Off Peak Contracts:

For individuals who mainly use their cell phones during off peak hours such as night and weekends, the best type of MTN contracts to go for are Off Peak contracts. There are three different types of contracts within this category that MTN offers.

These contracts offer extremely low calling rates during the off peak periods i.e. night and weekends. Like Any Time Contracts, Off Peak Contracts are also flexible and can adapt to the usage pattern of the user. Furthermore, it is important to add that these contracts would see billing done on a second by second basis.
3. Top Up Options:

Top Up Options are available to MTN customers of both the previously mentioned contracts. They are mainly designed to allow users to avail the benefits of both the PayAsYouGo system and the contract system.

In essence, when the free packages within a contract are all used up, the Top Up Options would allow users to load PayAsYouGo airtime and gain better control over their bills. Top Up Options also include MTN Zone which can be used to reduce the calling rates.
4. Miscellaneous packages:

There are various other packages that MTN offers its customers as well. For instance, there are four different types of internet packages, four SMS packages, and four MTN PayAsYouGo packages.

Each of these miscellaneous packages can be combined with the primary calling contracts so as to boost the economy or scope of the cell phone usage.

MTN is a well established mobile services provider in the country and has been known to take care of its customers well. This is why if you are looking for a new cell phone contract you should consider MTN.