Virgin Contract Options Reviewed

Virgin Mobile South Africa is one of the newer mobile service providers in the country. Despite being so new in the country, Virgin Mobile South Africa still holds the distinction of being the first and only Mobile Virtual Network Operator in the country.

The company was established in 2006 and is a part of the internationally respected and recognised Virgin Group. Virgin Group has a rich pedigree as it holds multiple businesses worldwide. As of 2011, the combined revenue of Virgin businesses all over the world amounted to 15 billion pounds.

Virgin was initially established in 1970 but has since grown to incorporate more than 35 countries all over the world. Countries where Virgin can be found include the United States of America, the United Kingdom, India, France, Canada, Chile, and Australia.

In South Africa, Virgin Mobile offers four different types of contracts to buyers. These include the Top Up Airtime Only Contracts, the Top Up Phone Contracts, the Classic Phone Contracts, and the Classic Airtime Only Contracts. Each of these series has multiple contracts within them. The following are some details.

1. The Top Up Airtime Only Contracts:

These contracts are designed for people who want a contract that is only based on airtime that can be topped up externally. There are three different types of contracts in this group including the 100, the 500, and the 100 with free SMS.

The monthly rental for the 100s is to the tune of R100 while the 500 costs R500 per month. In the case of 100 with free SMS, the included airtime is reduced to include space for free messages which number 500.
2. The Top Up Phone Contracts:

The Top Up Phone Contracts follow the same system mentioned above, with the difference that they are available with handsets.

There are five different types of contracts that you can avail within this group, with the minimum monthly rental being R99 and the maximum monthly rental being R599 with included airtimes varying between 100 and 600. In addition to this, all contracts that fall in this category offer up to 1000 free SMS’s to the users.
3. The Classic Phone Contracts:

The Classic Phone Contracts from Virgin Mobile are traditional contracts that are ideal for conservative people. There are six different types of contracts within this category, with rentals rising from R100 per month to R800 every month.

The primary difference between various contracts falling into this category is in terms of the included airtime. While the most basic contract offers included airtime worth up to R100, the most advanced one offers airtime worth up to R800.
4. The Classic Airtime Only Contracts:

The Classic Airtime Only Contracts are the Classic contract version of the Top Up Airtime Only Contracts. In this, the service contract is provided without the phone. There are two options within this category, with one being worth R100 every month and the other requiring R500 per month.

The two contracts vary in terms of the included airtime being offered. The basic contract comes with included airtime of R150 value and the bigger contract includes airtime worth R550.

Despite the fact that Virgin Mobile is a relatively new entrant in the South African market, it still has a lot to offer through its myriad of cell phone contracts. Moreover, with a rich international pedigree, the services of the company are mostly flawless.