Vodacom Contract Options Reviewed

Vodacom is a popular name in South Africa, with close ties to the international mobile services provider of Vodafone. Vodafone holds the majority of the South African mobile giant which has the distinction of being the largest mobile communications firm in South Africa in terms of revenues.

As of the company itself, Vodacom has approximately 50 million South Africans as its active users. Furthermore, while the company has its headquarters in South Africa, its operations reach into various neighbouring countries as well.

For instance, Vodacom has a solid presence in countries such as Lesotho, Mozambique, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Tanzania. Vodacom also has the distinction of offering the latest handsets available in the market in conjunction with its various cell phone contracts.

In terms of cell phone contracts that Vodacom offers, there are seven different options spanning three singles and four series for you to choose from. These include the following:

1. Frequent Call S:

As the name suggests, this cell phone contract is designed for those individuals who tend to use their phones a lot on a regular basis. This contract offers competitive call and SMS rates for both peak and off peak periods.

Furthermore, if you choose this contract, you would even get some additional minutes to use over the weekends. The amount you would have to pay for this contract is R230 every month.
2. All Day 100:

The All Day 100 is perfectly suited for individuals who do not have any pattern with regard to calling i.e. they use their phones equally throughout the day but still need something affordable. The monthly rental for this contract is R100 with standard calling rates. However, there are off peak SMS rates available with this contract.
3. 4 U Contract:

Vodacom also offers an extremely flexible contract in the form of the 4 U contract. The concept of this contract is that there will be no monthly rental charged but there will be a billing increment for every second. This kind of a contract is ideal for individuals who want greater control on the kind of money they spend on their phones.
4. Talk series:

The core contracts offered by Vodacom to South Africans are a part of the Talk series which consists of nine different types of plans. These plans range from the Talk 75s to the Shared Talk 1500.

The numbers in front of the series name symbolise the number of free minutes that you would get if you choose these contracts. The monthly rental of these plans range from the basic R189 to a maximum of R2 965.
5. EveryDay Off Peak Series:

There are two different types of plans within the EveryDay Off Peak Series offered by Vodacom. These are the EveryDay Off Peak which can be had for R135 per month and the EveryDay Off Peak 500 which will cost R450 every month. These plans are best for those people who mainly use their phones during off peak hours.
6. Business Series:

There are three plans that you can avail if you need the phone for business purposes. They will range from R185 per month to R730 per month. Needless to say, these plans are suited for self employed people.
7. Top Up Series:
There is also the Vodacom Top Up Series which includes 12 separate plans. These plans can be used to add to the contract that you already have to better control your expenses.